Data entry 2017

Thank you so much to everyone who has entered their data. If you've missed the 1st November deadline please do still take the time to enter the data when you can - every record counts.


data download

I would like to download a table of my data for each plot so I can see how the spp abundances have changed over the three years - can you provide this please?

Also it would be much easier if the list of spp for each plot was availible in subsequent years to save typing them in each time.

Thanks, Ian

Re: data downloads

Hi Ian, Many thanks for this useful feedback. Data can be downloaded through the My Data -> Data download menu option; however, on investigating this I have realised that this report does not include abundance information. I was not aware of this, and we will ask the developer to change that.

Regarding having access to previous years' species when inputting data, this is supposed to be the case, but it seems as though a bug has crept in here. Again, we will take steps to fix this. Please let us know if you notice any other infelicities, it all helps us to improve the site. 

I will extract your data directly from the database and email them. Cheers, Oli

Re data download

Hi Ian

The data download is now fixed, and includes abundances; thanks for your patience.

Regarding the copying across of species' names from year-to-year, in fact my memory was letting me down, and we only designed it so that the system saves names between visits within a year. Copying names across from year-to-year would be a new feature. It obviously makes sense though, and we will put this down as a new feature to add in to the website at some point this year, as funds allow.

Many thanks


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