Volunteers needed for annual stock take of UK's wildflowers

Volunteers hunt for wildflowers

The new National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS), launching in spring 2015, will for the first time enable scientists to take an annual stock take of the UK’s wild plants and their habitats, but to do this we need the public’s help. We are looking for volunteers to carry out surveys of wildflowers and their habitats that will provide robust evidence of which widespread plants are increasing or declining, as well as indicating the changing state of our most valued habitats such as grassland, fenland and even road verges. Plants are nature’s building blocks and this new monitoring scheme will sit alongside existing schemes for the UK’s birds and butterflies to help us understand more about how the countryside is changing.


Hi Serpula, We can only

Hi Serpula, We can only allocate the squares that are shown on the map and that haven't been already allocated. If there is currently no square near enough to you, then please check back in the future, one may be released. We can only release squares that have been randomly selected; this is to ensure that the survey provides an accurate picture of the state of the coutryside. We are also unable to make permission enquiries but we can provide you with a template letter in order to do so which can be found on the Resources page. If you have any further queries please email: support@npms.org.uk Many thanks Hayley

Finding a Square

I am unable to find a square using my post code (LU7 0QR). I've been clicking like mad and nothing happens!

Hi Susie, Apologies for not

Hi Susie, Apologies for not replying sooner. I noticed that you had now allocated yourself a square but if you are still having any problems then please feel free to email me on support@npms.org.uk Best wishes, Hayley

issue with allocation process

Hi All the squares in cycling distance (15 miles) of my home have been allocated.  I have identified SU8080 but this is not listed on the select a square. If you still would appreciate input in this area please send me an e-mail and allocate me a square. Any is OK within the 15 mile radiu.  I see some squares in the country  have 3 people allocated. In my search area each squaree has 1 person  already allocated.



issue with allocation process

Hi, I've just had a look and at the moment there are no squares available within 15 miles. New squares will be released as the scheme grows so we will need more volunteers in your area so please do check back again to see if a suitable square becomes available. If you have any further queries then please email support@npms.org.uk Best wishes Hayley