What are the survey dates?

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What are the survey dates?

I've spent quite a time looking at the website and reading stuff but cannot find anywhere the dates that my surveys should occur within. Does anyone know when the survey should happen by?

Peathound Steve
Hi Richard,

Hi Richard,

The instructions (page 4 of the guidance book) are to carry out two surveys, one in "late spring/early summer" and one in "late summer."

Basically the idea is to catch the plants at a stage in their growth when they are easily identifiable. So with two visits you maximise your chances of doing so with all of the plants on your plots, as different species flower at different times.

Depending on where you are in the UK, the altitude etc of your plots, the species within them, and the weather this year it's impossible to give precise dates, but as a guideline I live in Derbyshire and I'm aiming to get out within the next couple of weeks, and again in late August. But you're the best judge of what's happening on your particular plots in terms of how the plants are flowering.

I think the final deadline for getting the results in is November but you'll need to get out in the field long before then, before the plants have lost their flowers.

Hope this helps!



Thank you very much. I hope that this person(profile:https://speakerdeck.com/rocketpayz) will answer the question. Good luck further.

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