The ease of inputting data

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The ease of inputting data

I have had my square for just over a year, making one visit to just two plots in 2016, and two visits to five plots this year.  It has taken me hours to input the data for this year and I have just been back in to upload photos of the plots from both visits. It is entirely possible that certain data have been wrongly entered!  Could you include something on each page of the input forms that tells you what plot you are in and the date of the visit?  Also I cannot change things on the first page so that one plot does not have a number and plot 5 is "Plot Plot 5" which is very annoying.

Maybe I'll find it a bit easier next year, although I may have forgotten by then the things I've learned this year. . .


Catherine Wellings

Data input

Dear Catherine

Apologies for the delay in replying, I'm not sure how this post was overlooked. We are currently investing in improvements to the website, and so your comments are very welcome. We're sorry if the website has proven slow or tricky to use to date. I will flag up your suggestions on our website management system.

Regarding the editing of plot details, the way that the website has been designed means that plot details cannot be changed by users once sample data (i.e. actual visits to record plants) have been entered. However, we are able to do this. I will edit your plot names to be less annoying :), but if you have other specific things that you would like changed, please email with the details. All best wishes, and thank you for your support to date, 

Oli (CEH Wallingford)


Well Said ...

I can do anything about this

I can do anything about this node as it will help me to wait fro best essays review and then I will ask people to do more about it. It's nothing new to me and I will never know about it for sure.

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