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Uploading site photos


I'm not able to upload photos of my site on the survey details page of the recording form.

I was able to upload a photo of my sketch in the file upload box when creating my plot, but when I try to click on ‘Add photo’ in the photo upload box of the survey details page nothing happens.

Just wondering if someone could help and suggest if it is something wrong with the website or if I might have missed something!



Photos issue

Hi RedRibbon, Sorry for the slight delay, I'm just looking in to this for you. I'll get back to you soon. Cheers, Oli

Photo issue

Hi RedRibbon, It is working for me. If you are still having problems, can you provide your operating system details and web browser by email to support@npms.org.uk, then we can try and work out what the problem is. Cheers, Oli

Re: photo issue

Ok I will do, thank you Oli!

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