The world of soaring stars.

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The world of soaring stars.

The world of soaring stars.  

Not only was Leonardo DiCaprio seen with electronic devices. Many stars use e-mails, even without hiding it.

This list includes: 

Katy Perry. An extraordinary personality, actress, singer, composer and United Nations Ambassador, a girl who has been nominated for a Grammy award 13 times, very rarely breaks up with her eGo-shka; 

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John Cusack. The Hollywood Director, actor, screenwriter, and heavy smoker also likes to steam. For a long time, he tried to overcome tobacco addiction, but the fight was with varying success. John notes that he is simply delighted with e-cigarettes. 

Michelle Rodriguez. The actress, who you may have seen in the movies "Avatar", "Resident evil", "fast and furious", "Machete", "Stay alive", also likes to steam electronic cigarettes. 

Norman Reedus. The actor and model was remembered by our audience for the TV series "the Walking Dead", as well as in part 2 of the immortal "blade". He, like many American actors, prefers EGO-shakes. 

Willie Nelson. This guy has always led a typical rock ' n ' roll life. Until now, alcohol and light drugs follow him through life nearby. This guy was the first to advocate the legalization of drugs and does not hesitate to use his NO2 herbal vaporizer in public, which is fueled with weed or other Smoking mixtures.  

Adding to this list of celebrities who have chosen VAPE: Katherine Heigl; Snoop Dogg; johnny Depp; Cara Delenville; Ronnie wood; Samuel L Jackson; Jack Nickleson, Tom hardy; marine Le Pen.