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Journal papers

Pescott, O.L., Walker, K.J., Harris, F., New, H., Cheffings, C.M., Newton, N., Jitlal, M., Redhead, J., Smart, S.M. & Roy, D.B. 2019. The design, launch and assessment of a new volunteer-based plant monitoring scheme for the United Kingdom. PLoS ONE 14(4): e0215891.

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NPMS reports [More coming soon!]

New, H. & NPMS Partnership. 2017. Organisational use and utility of the NPMS. Unpublished report. Plantlife.

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Pescott, O.L., Powney, G.P. and Walker, K.J. 2019. Developing a Bayesian species occupancy/abundance indicator for the UK National Plant Monitoring Scheme. Wallingford, CEH & BSBI, 29pp. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23795.48161

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Other reports

Staley, J.T., M. Lobley, M.E. McCracken, H. Chiswell, J.W. Redhead, S.M. Smart, O.L. Pescott, M. Jitlal, S.R. Amy, H.J. Dean, L. Ridding, R. Broughton and J.O. Mountford. 2018. The environmental effectiveness of the Higher Level Stewardship scheme; Resurveying the baseline agreement monitoring sample to quantify change between 2009 and 2016. Natural England project ECM 6937.

Carvell, C., Isaac, N. J. B., Jitlal, M., Peyton, J., Powney, G. D., Roy, D. B., Vanbergen, A. J., O’Connor, R. S., Jones, C. M., Kunin, W. E., Breeze, T. D., Garratt, M. P. D., Potts, S. G., Harvey, M., Ansine, J., Comont, R. F., Lee, P., Edwards, M., Roberts, S. P. M., Morris, R. K. A., Musgrove, A. J., Brereton, T., Hawes, C., and Roy, H. E. 2016. Design and Testing of a National Pollinator and Pollination Monitoring Framework. Final summary report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Scottish Government and Welsh Government: Project WC1101.



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