Squares near me

Use the ‘Get Squares’ or ‘Return all squares’ buttons if you wish to see which squares are available for selection on the map and grid below. The maximum search distance from your post code is 30 miles.
Once you have found a square that you would like to request, please visit the ‘Request a square’ page to assign yourself a square.
PLEASE NOTE: Access to the ‘Request a square’ page requires you to sign-up to the site and log in.

Please enter your post code here
Please enter a distance (in miles) from your post code to return squares within that area, or click the Return all squares button

Map Instructions

There is a zoom bar on the left which can be used to zoom in and out.

Double-click on the map to zoom in.

If you click on the navigation cross icon in the top-right of the map you can drag the map to move it around.

Select the location information popup icon and click on the map to display locational information such as National Parks and National Nature Reserves.

Use the square information icon to display information relating to individual squares (this also allows you to request a square once you sign up for the scheme).

Click on the layer switcher icon to display a list of layers (e.g. Areas Of Outstanding Nature Beauty or Sites Of Special Scientific Interest) which can be switched on and off using checkboxes.

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