Indicator species trends by habitat

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The plots below illustrate how the average percentage cover of a species across all plots within an NPMS fine-scale habitat has changed by year. These models follow the approach used to create the C7 "Plants of the Wider Countryside" indicator within the Defra/JNCC UK Biodiversity Indicators. The technical background to this model is available in this report, and the model code in the JAGS language is available here. These statistics are currently classed as "experimental", reflecting that the broad-habitat level indicators based on them are not currently accepted as "Official Statistics" within the UK Biodiversity Indicator set. Work is ongoing to adjust these measures for inter-annual variability in geographic sampling biases.


To display a species/habitat plot, first select the habitat from the dropdown, then whether you wish to view positive or negative indicator species. Having made this selection a list of taxa will appear. Buttons below allow you to switch between scientific, common names, or both, and to zoom in or out on a trend by changing the range of the y-axis.

Photos are sourced from the BSBI Plant Atlas 2020 website.