New NPMS resources available!

Submitted by olipescott on

This post is just to briefly flag up the fact that our guidance documents have all gone into their 2nd editions. Don't panic though, the methods are the same, we have just tried to improve and clarify the guidance wherever possible!

One great advance, however, is the inclusion of a new (full colour) guide to NPMS habitats within the Survey Guidance booklet. We have also revised the Species ID Guide, and created a new system of habitat symbols to more easily link between species in the ID guide and the habitats for which they are indicator species in the NPMS Habitat/Species List.

We hope this is all useful to our surveyors. Please let us know on support (at) if you have any other ideas! We'll consider them for future updates.

Finally, please note that due to resourcing issues we can only send out hard copies of these revised documents to new registrants. All the documents, are, however, of course all available freely as PDFs on the website here.